Top Tips To Choosing Designer Tiles

Want to incorporate designer tiles into your bathroom? Need some tips on how to choose them? When it comes to choosing tiles, there are many different options available. But how do you know which ones are the right ones for your bathroom? The following is a great guide on the top tips to choose designer tiles for your bathroom renovation.

Tips To Consider For Your Bathroom Tile Needs

Shop Around – Before selecting the designer tiles you want, it’s best to shop around first to see what’s on offer. Different stores offer different tiles so it’s always best to compare to make sure you aren’t missing out on purchasing the tiles of your dream.

Stick To One Show Stopper – When choosing your tiles, some people make the mistake of choosing a few different feature tiles to place in their bathroom. Although it may work to a certain degree, it’s best to only use one show stopper tile to highlight specific areas. This will help the room become less cluttered when you walk into it.

Maintenance – When purchasing your designer tiles, it’s important to take the maintenance into consideration. Remember you’ll have to clean them weekly or fortnightly to help remove any mould or soap scum build up. Designer tiles which feature a larger amount a grout gaps can be harder to clean in the long run.


When it comes to choosing a designer tile, it’s important to consider everything. Whether you’re looking for decorative tiles or just wall tiles, designer tiles are perfect for any bathroom renovation. So what colour tile are you looking to install in your home?