The Search is Over for Fast and Hassle Free Healthy Smoothie Recipes

In your search to create the perfect frozen drink, you will find that not all healthy smoothie recipes are the same.  In the past, making a consistent, great tasting smoothie required a lot of time consuming work. 

First, there was all of the time that you had to spend at the market, looking through all of the produce to find fresh fruit and vegetables. Then you had to stand in line and wait to pay, and your work wasn't even done. Once you got home, you had to clean, weigh, peel and chop the fruit, dig out the ice and throw it all into your blender and hope for the best. 

If you wanted a smoothie but didn't want to go through the hassle of making one yourself, your only alternative was to go stand in another line at a café or shop, and hope the barista knew what they were doing.

Thanks to Love Taste, those hectic days are over!

Now you can enjoy consistent, delicious healthy smoothie recipes in less than 1 minute! We use only the most ripe fruits and vegetables, which are flash frozen to lock in all of their health-boosting vitamins and minerals, and then sealed inside our innovative pouch. 

Just choose your favorite vegetable or fruit blend, from over 21 choices. Next, place the contents of the pouch into the blender, add 200 ml of any juice, preferably apple, blend for 30 seconds, and enjoy!  Be prepared to feel your energy and spirit soar as you savor the refreshing taste!