Diamond wedding ring technicalities that are worth knowing

There are a few technical specifications that the diamond rings need to adhere to. Bigger is always better, but there are some things that hold equal, if not more, weightage. Following are some of the things that need to be considered when choosing diamond wedding rings for women.


The Cut and Clarity


It is almost compulsory that the wedding ring be a diamond one. The various cuts (or shapes, for the amateur) determine the prism effect, which then determines the light it disperses. A perfect cut makes the diamond beautiful. The various shapes are:













The clarity of the diamond refers to the perfection of the diamonds. Most diamonds have imperfections, like incursions in their body. The fewer the cuts and incursions on the diamond, the better the quality and clarity and the higher the price. As can be seen on sites that sell diamond rings, the better the cut and clarity of the diamond, the costlier the ring.


The Carat


The carat of a diamond is its weight measurement. It is then obvious that the larger the carat weight, the larger the size of the diamond.


The Metal


When it comes to diamond wedding rings for women, the classic choices are yellow, rose or white gold and platinum. The favourites are usually white gold and platinum, but personal choices may vary.


The Setting


A setting is the arrangement of the stones on a ring. For engagement ring, there are 4 basic settings such as Classic, Halo, 3-Stone and Vintage.


Classic: this has just the one solitaire, supported by plain bands.

Halo: smaller, or pave diamonds, like a halo, encircle the main, larger diamond at the centre.

3-Stone: this contains 3 diamonds in a line either of the same size or not. It is based around the beautiful concept of past, present and future.

Vintage: these contain exquisite handcrafter detailing on the ring that makes it expensive and beautiful.